The Association, beyond the promotion of the tae kwon do practice, has been -during the years- an aggregation center for young people, who found and continues to find there a place to meet and face each other.

Master Berardi focused his teaching on correctness and loyalty as values to adopt in interpersonal relationships. Thanks to this approach, he created a black belts close-knit team and, primary, of friends. Such friends continue to meet and face each other, as well as to collaborate so that other guys would have the opportunity to share their own experience.

This website is the result of the work of a few Master Berardi black belts, who put their time and expertise at the Association disposal.

La società

Founded in 1978 by Master Giovanni Berardi with the name of "Centro Taekwondo Fabriano", the Association is the first tae kwon do association in the territory of Fabriano and surroundings. Read all

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