Berardi Giovanni

Founder of the A.S.D. Taekwondo Fabriano in 1978
8th Dan Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
2nd Dan Hapkido Black Belt
Tae kwon Do trainer since 1978 and Master since 1983
ETU title
Hapkido Instructor
Fight and Poomse Referee


By Marche Region for sport and social activities carried out in the territory

By Marche Olympic Committee for the achieved results

By “Panathlon Fabriano and Alta Valle dell’Esino” for the long and constant commitment in the sport promotion

National premium as sport artist (martial arts)

A.S.D. Tae kwon do Fabriano obtained Bronze Star at sport value by Italian National Olympic Committee in the year 2005

In 2015 A.S.D. Tae Kwon do Fabriano obtained by Italian Tae Kwondo Federation (FITA) the gold medal at sport merit (acknowledgment as one of the older association still existing in Italy)

The city of Fabriano, the Italian National Committee (CONI) Marche and the Italian Tae Kwondo Federation (FITA) acknowledged their congratulations to Master Berardi for the results achieved and for the constant promotion of taekwondo in the territory

La società

Founded in 1978 by Master Giovanni Berardi with the name of "Centro Taekwondo Fabriano", the Association is the first tae kwon do association in the territory of Fabriano and surroundings. Read all

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